500 thousand ways
to make it yours

A load of accessories of all the colours of the rainbow to bring you infinite possibilities of customising your 500.

stickers & badges

Personal Tattoo

Ink your personality on your 500 with the original 500 stickers.


in the mountains or on the beach (wherever you want me)

on the tailgate

removable tow hook


Make-up for champions

Like all women, 500 knows that details are important. Also for sports.

very sporty

side skirts

roof spoiler

low ride front bumpers


mirror chrome covers

chrome trim on bonnet

chrome rear plate holder


500 drops of perfume

What would a diva be without her perfume? With the scent diffuser next to the gear stick getting into your 500 will excite all your senses.

fully furnished

support for iPod and mobile phones

coat hanger

dashboard whiteboard

Wonder cannot be told in words.
It has to be driven. Welcome aboard 500.